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NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable

An Unmet Needs Roundtable, a recovery resource of last resort. Brings together disaster case managers and donors to customized assistance (financial, in-kind or referrals) to any eligible survivor household which has exhausted all other sources of support.

A best practice common to all federally declared disasters, Unmet Needs Roundtables (also called unmet needs committees) are essential to ensure that emerging and ongoing basic needs of under-resourced survivors or victims’ families will be met by providing both emergency assistance grants (early months) or sustainable recovery grants (years).

In the aftermath of a disaster, relief workers or volunteers provide for the basic needs of survivors and victim families; as a best practice, they also begin to identify emerging unmet needs. Disaster recovery moves in stages, from emergency relief, to short-term recovery ( up to six months ) , and finally to long-term recovery (years). Unmet Needs Roundtables ( also called unmet needs tables or committees) , common to all federally declared disasters, are essential mechanisms for meeting the unmet basic human needs of under-resourced survivors or victims ’ families by providing financial assistance in emergencies or enabling sustainable long-term recovery.

Cover Program Profile

Unmet Needs Roundtable Profile

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Unmet Needs Roundtable Components:

CLIENTS are individual or impacted households with a documented disaster impact and have an extreme unmet need that is either; 1) an emergency need preventing the development of a long-term recovery plan, or, 2)an need that is preventing a household from, returning to a being sustainable and self-sufficient.

DONORS are individuals or corporations/foundations representatives who give assistance (cash/vouchers or in-kind) aligned with their particular vision/mission, to provide for unmet needs brought to the Roundtable.

CASE MANAGERS from any recovery organization are trained to present eligible cases with documented unmet needs and includes a sustainable recovery plan and verification of all prior resources accessed.

The MODERATOR is a staff member who recruits donors, provides grant distribution reports to donors, conducts outreach to all recovery agencies, shares recovery resources, trains disaster case managers on how to present cases, schedules presentations, and moderates donor and case manager review of cases.

The ADVISORY COMMITTEE comprises representatives from casework agencies and donors who offer guidance on emerging unmet needs, oversee Roundtable procedure, and support the Moderator’s work.

RESOURCE EXPERTS are immigration and tenant/housing lawyers or experts from recovery agencies who provide information, resources and services to support the management of cases.

NYDISnetUNMETNEEDSROUNDTABLE.ORG is a secure online database which produces funding reports for donors and case management agencies—as well as stats on emerging unmet needs and the impact of donor assistance. It also tracks applications, client casework updates, client demographics, cash assistance grants, referrals and voucher distribution.

THE NYC UNMET NEEDS ROUNDTABLE is convened and managed by NYDIS in collaboration with the Human Services Council of New York and case management agencies—including both those within the federal Disaster Case Management program and other community-based case management providers. NYDIS maintains a tax-exempt NYC Unmet Needs Fund to manage donations from corporations, foundations, congregations and individuals, The Unmet Needs Fund also provides donors with transparent grant distribution and usage reports.
*The Health & Welfare Council of Long Island facilitates the Long Island Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable.

THE NEW YORK UNMET NEEDS FUND provides resources to both roundtables, and is administered by the Health & Welfare Council of Long Island and NYDIS. If you or your corporation or foundation would like to make grant or donate to the fund, please contact us at or 212.669.6100.

• BASIC UTILITIES (gas/oil, water, electricity, and telephone)
• DEBT MANAGEMENT (disaster-related)
• LEGAL CONSULTATION (housing/immigration)
• REFERRALS (for mental health/legal service and in-kind goods)
*When all other resources have been exhausted...

On April 1, 2013, NYDIS launched the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable in partnership with stakeholder, donor and case management agencies, in collaboration with FEMA and the Human Services Council of New York. Until June 30, only Emergency Assistance Grants will be available. Starting July 1, case managers can apply for either Emergency Assistance Grants or Recovery Grants. Any case manager can apply to the Roundtable on behalf of a client—including those within the Federal Disaster Case Management program being administered by Catholic Charities-Archdiocese of New York, and other community-based or LTRO* case management providers.

*Long-Term Recovery Organizations, Group or Committee

Founding Donors:
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Lutheran Disaster Response NY
Islamic Relief USA
The Salvation Army
United Way of New York

Steering Committee:
Episcopal Charities-Diocese of New York
Immigration Coalition of New York
Lutheran Social Services
Met Council
UJA Federation J-1-1

*NYDIS a 501(c)(3) faith-based federation of service providers and charitable organizations who work in partnership to provide disaster readiness, response, and recovery services to New York City. NYDIS and its members seek to mitigate human suffering caused by catastrophes and serve the most vulnerable and under-resourced house holds and communities affected by disaster.


For help accessing a case manager
For a case manager who wants to sign-up to present a case at the Roundtable
(Pre-requisite: A one-time in-service training)
To make a donation to the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Fund or New York Unmet Needs Fund


NYDISnetThe NYC 9/11 Unmet Needs Roundtable was established in 2002, supported by FEMA and under the leadership of Lutheran Disaster Response of New York, coming under the sponsorship of NYDIS in 2003. This Roundtable distributed over $8.5 million in cash assistance and vouchers to meet the unmet needs of over 4,600 9/11-impacted individuals and their families. Twenty-five donor agencies and corporations and ninety-two case management agencies participated in this Roundtable, which closed Spring 2009.

With the closing of the United Services Group in 2005, NYDIS assumed responsibility for all 9/11 case management coordination and the administration of 9/11 CAN (the Coordinated Assistance Network). In partnership with the American Red Cross Liberty Fund, NYDIS also administered case management subcontracts to twelve community-based partners until 2007.

NYDISnetOver 2,700 families evacuated to New York City after Hurricane Katrina-many had limited or no access to recovery assistance. With the help of members of the Human Services Council’s Katrina Coordinating Group, NYDIS established the NYC Katrina Unmet Needs Roundtable to support gaps in long-term recovery assistance for over 1600 under-resourced evacuee families. Six donor agencies and three case management agencies participated in this Roundtable, which closed Fall 2007.