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Advocacy Resources

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Disaster Advocacy
This American Red Cross webpage encourages families to "Get Prepared" for disasters at home, school, work, and in the community. It also offers preparedness Tips Of The Day for a variety of disasters.
9/11 List Serv
---------------- Since September 2001 I have maintained a free and confidential "9/11 list-serv". The "9/11 list-serv" distributes daily e-mails containing newspaper articles and other relevant information re: 9/11 issues of interest to 9/11 families and 9/11 organizations. If any of your readers would like to 'subscribe' to this free service - please have them send an e-mail to with the word "subscribe" in the subject box. -----------------------
9/11 List-serv
Since September 2001 I have maintained a free and confidential "9/11 list-serv". The "9/11 list-serv" distributes daily e-mails containing newspaper articles and other relevant information re: 9/11 issues of interest to 9/11 families, 9/11 organizations and interested individuals. If you would like to 'subscribe' to this free service - please send an e-mail to with the word "subscribe" in the subject box.
The 9/11 Recovery Resources that can be found on
Regularly updated information on scope of disaster and human impact, local disaster preparedness program information, collection site for information on nonprofits’ respective volunteer needs following a disaster.
Article from the Washington Post that tries to explain FEMA's ineptitude concerning Katrina relief. Features many quotes from Michael D. Brown, formerly FEMA's director and a Department of Homeland Security undersecretary. reports on The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation's new leader, Addie Guttag.
Emergency/Recovery Planning for the the Anglican and Protestant Christian Community.
This website is maintained by the Law Library at the University of California, Berkeley. It features information related to the law's role in natural hazards mitigation and disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.
November 2004 Statement regarding a bomb threat against the Presbyterian Church USA.
This FEMA and American Bar Association press release describes the Memorandum of Agreement that was signed to increase the reach and array of legal services delivered to low-income victims of major disasters.
This guide from The Infrastructure Security Project provides a framework for governments, service providers, and other involved organizations. The focus is on multihazards, with the goal of sensibly and cost-effectively securing interdependent cyber and physical critical infrastructures. This is a PDF download.
This report from the Center On Budget And Policy Priorities makes recommendations for the federal government to help meet the housing needs of poor residents displaced by the 2005 hurricanes.
A national and international Muslim humanitarian relief agency. ICNA operates a 9/11 case management program for victims as well as a civil liberties program & advocacy for immigrant detainees initiative.
Lutheran Disaster Response
Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) is a collaborative ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS). On their behalf, LDR responds to disasters in the United States and its territories to deliver services to survivors and the impacted community throughout all stages of the disaster response (emergency, relief and long-term recovery).
NADO: Regional Approaches to Homeland Security Planning and Preparedness
The National Association of Development Organizations has prepared this report, titled "Regional Approaches to Homeland Security Planning and Preparedness." It examines the various regional initiatives, models, and strategies being used by state and local officials to improve preparedness, prevention, and response capactity for disasters.
This National Organization On Disability tool provides an interactive directory of regional, state, and local disability-related emergency management resources.
New York City based non-profit federation of faith-based disaster readiness, response and recovery human service providers and philanthropies. NYDIS provides mitigation education and preparedness training for clergy, religious leaders, houses of worship and coordinative services for faith communities during a disaster. NYDIS also provides 9/11 and disaster recovery services as well as disaster planning coordiantion with government agencies on behalf if its members.
Serves as an umbrella policy and advocacy organization for 150 groups in NY State that work with immigrants and refugees; provides workshops, seminars, newsletter, and action alerts. Including disaster preparedness and recovery initiatives that impact immigrants.
Archive of all previous editions of NYDIS' bi-weekly e-newsletter called NYDISnet. NYDISnet Alerts are distributed during emergencies or at the request of New York City Office of Emergency Management to provide urgent issues or news relevant to New York City clergy and religious communities. To sign-up for NYDISnet go to
This is the official U.S. government Web site for up-to-date information on Avian Influenza or Pandemic Flu.
Cambridge University Press - Mindy Fullilove and Others write on the interagency mobilization in Post-9/11 Disaster Relief Work in New York City.
This study from the Sloan Foundation examines the role of disaster preparedness in the workplace. In PDF format.
Rebuild New Orleans by securing the passage of a bill in Congress that will protect the city from Category 5 hurricanes by providing the funds for a strengthened levee system.
Educational material on Sikhism, Civil Liberties Advocacy & Alerts.
The Initiative is a partnership of the National Hurricane Center, the Salvation Army, the National Emergency Management Association, and others. The purpose is to build hurricane knowledge through the use of various media. This is the Initiative's website.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently announced this new storm ratings system, which refines and improves the original Fujita Scale in rating tornadoes. Here is the 109-page report submitted to the National Weather Service by the Wind Science and Engineering Center as Texas Tech University.

This website provides multiple resources about how to assistance, referrals and services for discrimination that has taken place in the public or the workplace. Including racial backlash and discrimination following populations victimized by bias following a disaster or terrorist act. Telephone: (800) 540-0320