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The past is very present for many
9/11 Survivors, Responders, and Recovery Workers
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As we remember family, friends, colleagues, and others who were tragically taken from us because of 9/11, New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) invites you to honor their memory by helping us care for those who worked so generously and selflessly at Ground Zero and as of this day still struggle with physical and mental health problems.

Since 2002, the New York City 9/11 Unmet Needs Roundtable has awarded over $7.5 million in cash assistance to meet the basic needs of more than 4,500 survivors and health-impacted recovery workers from 28 states and Canada. The Roundtable funded and partnered with more than 80 human service agencies. It also coordinated the 18 major donors who assisted survivors, first responders, community residents, and recovery workers suffering from disabling health conditions caused by physical exposures and psychological trauma at the World Trade Center site. The Roundtable continues to put these 9/11-impacted individuals on the path to sustainable long-term recovery and save them from eviction, foreclosure, utilities shut-off, or the humiliation of being unable to afford food for their families.

A New York City-based non-profit federation that provides non-sectarian human services, NYDIS administers the Roundtable and the Unmet Needs Fund and is now the only remaining organization providing case management services and unmet needs assistance to many thousands of health-impacted recovery workers. Without your immediate help, NYDIS may be forced to close down the Roundtable on October 31st due to the termination of major funding. Foundations and corporations have already spent their 9/11 recovery funds – and, so far, the government has refused to support these vital services. We need your donation to continue these valuable services for those in need.

Seven years after 9/11, the need is real, and it's growing. NYDIS still receives an average of 53 new service requests each month from 9/11 clients, of whom 96% suffer from 9/11 health impacts and 75% from both physical and mental illnesses. Let us make sure that these courageous and selfless rescue and recovery workers continue to have our support and get the services they need.
To Make a contribution:
■ Online: www.nydis.org on our secure donation page
■ By Mail: Send your check to-
NYDIS – 9/11 Recovery Fund
22 Cortlandt Street, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10007
Your contribution to the 9/11 Recovery Fund is tax-deductible. A contribution letter wll be sent to you within 30 days.

Stories of Recovery from the NYC 9/11 Unmet needs Roundtable

Your generous contribution will make a crucial difference in the wellbeing of 9/11-impacted individuos. Here are two stories about how the Roundtable has helped those in need:

  • NYDISnetMr. Arrigo is a Local 79, unionized laborer who resides in Staten Island. He was a rescue worker at Ground Zero from September 2001 to January 2002 and soon thereafter developed chronic physical and mental health problems, which disabled him from performing any type of work.

    Mr. Arrigo was the primary breadwinner for his family of five, including his wife and three children. After depleting all of his financial resources and savings, Mr. Arrigo contacted NYDIS in May 2008, as he and his family were about to be evicted from their home and had received utilities shut-off notices. Although he had applied for long-term benefits, such as Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability, these claims had not yet been established and the family had no income.

    A NYDIS-funded case manager worked with the Arrigo family on issues of relocation and benefits coordination and presented the family’s case to the Roundtable, which allocated $7,653 to cover moving expenses, utilities arrears, and future supplemental rental payments. Meanwhile, the case manager continues to work with the Arrigo family on the development of a sustainable long-term recovery plan.

  • Mr. R. joined the 9/11 recovery efforts at Ground Zero on September 13, 2001. After spending eight months working for an asbestos removal company at the site, Mr. R. began to experience health problems that forced him to cut his hours and eventually stop working altogether.

    In January 2004, the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program diagnosed Mr. R. with chronic respiratory conditions, acid reflux disease, and totally disabling back injuries. He also suffered from psychological trauma and has been diagnosed with chronic post traumatic stress and major depressive disorder.

    He turned to NYDIS for help and was assigned a caseworker who has been helping him since August 2004. The NYC 9/11 Unmet Needs Roundtable has provided Mr. R. and his family of five with a $27,242 award for rent, utilities, and food payments to complete their sustainable long-term recovery when all other means of assistance failed them. As a result of his application to the Roundtable, his wife has received job training and is now fully employed. His family is sustained by his wife’s income along with public benefits, while he is actively pursuing the maximum allowable benefits under workers’ compensation. Mr. R. says about the UNR, “They have helped me move on with my life, to overcome my problems. I am thankful to (NYDIS) for giving me these moments, this peace of mind in times of crisis.”


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