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Welcome to NYDISnet, the e-newsletter of NYDIS (New York Disaster Interfaith Services). NYDIS also distributes NYDISnet ALERTs during local emergencies or to notify New York City faith communities of important news. NYDISnet will keep our readers informed about Sandy recovery news as well as updates on resources, events, trainings and other matters of interest.

If you would like to post information from your LTRO, new programs or upcoming events, please contact NYDISnet Editor Michelle Johnson at recovery@nydis.org.


Ruth Yoder Wenger, Executive Vice President

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Sandy Recovery Resources

NYDIS Daily Recovery Updates & News
Social media sharing the latest valuable resources and tools in Sandy recovery – as well as updates on 9/11 or other local disasters – keep you abreast of the newest developments:  Updated: On-Line NYC Sandy Recovery Guide (with Widget)
NYDIS's on-line Hurricane Sandy Recovery Guide and Resources is the best single source of information and resources for recovery organizations, case managers or families impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Updated daily, the guide pulls resources from FEMA, New York State and City agencies, and non-profit programs. To help you save time and money, NYDIS provides a Recovery Guide widget you can place on your own website that links directly to the guide – so your staff and clients can easily get the information through you.

Submit resources to recovery@nydis.org
To access the guide, click here.
To download a widget for your website.

Updated: On-Line NYC Sandy Recovery Calendar
It's hard to keep track of all the long-term recovery meetings, trainings, and events. NYDIS posts daily updates to the Google calendar on our website, along with all the latest recovery news for the five boroughs. Please contact recovery@nydis.org if you have an event or meeting that you would like listed.

To access the calendar, click here.

NYC Volunteer Group Housing Coordination
NYDIS is directly networked with over 3000 NYC congregations and community partners to coordinate housing and shower facilities for rebuild volunteers.  Please register your congregation as "dorm" or contact us if you need housing for your incoming partners. Increasing our communities' capacity to house volunteers will provide more volunteers and resources, helping our communities recover faster.

To volunteer as a "dorm," contact info@nydis.org

NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable & Unmet Needs Fund Launches
Since 2003, NYDIS has been the lead agency for administering New York City's disaster unmet needs program. The mission of NYC Unmet Needs Roundtables is to bring together donors, long-term recovery groups and case management agencies to financially assist impacted families with unmet needs that are not, or cannot, be met by all other current programs. Through the advocacy of a case manager, the Roundtables (which are centrally managed and will meet in each borough) will provide both emergency cash assistance and/or final recovery grants that will sustain survivors' long-term recovery. This is a fund of last resort, when all other sources of assistance have been exhausted.

NYDIS is now facilitating the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable and the NYC Unmet Needs Fund; the Health & Welfare Council of Long Island facilitates the Long Island Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable.  We are seeking donors to the roundtable funds, as well as donors who wish to sit on the donor panel and distribute their own funds.

For more information, contact info@nydis.org
To download the Roundtable flyer (click here)
Job Opening: Moderator for NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable
The Advisory Committee for the NYC SuperStorm Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable is seeking a full-time Moderator (Program Director). The Moderator will be employed, supervised by and conduct business from the NYDIS offices in Midtown Manhattan. All qualified candidates should apply.

View Posting at: (click here)
NYDIS Sandy Recovery Donations & Grants Pass $1M
Since November, NYDIS has received over $1,250,000 in Sandy recovery grants and donations. We are grateful for the generosity of our donors as well as grant support from our National VOAD partners. The majority of these funds are restricted to the administration of or cash assistance for the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable.

To donate to NYDIS Sandy Recovery (click here)
NYDIS Serving as Fiscal Agent for Brooklyn LTRG and Transform
In keeping with our mission to build and sustain the capacity of disaster human service capabilities amongst faith-based networks and their partners. NYDIS has agreed to serve as the fiscal agent of two emerging recovery partners. 1)  the Brooklyn Long-Term Recovery Group – supporting its efforts to coordinate long-term recovery disaster recovery efforts and in Brooklyn. 2) Transform, the lead agency managing the multi-agency, Child's Building Warehouse in Coney Island. NYDIS currently has grant funding from Met Council to support the staff costs at the Child's Warehouse. And, NYDIS will provide fiscal management of any future donations, operating costs or program initiatives.

Brooklyn LTRG
Child's Warehouse
Join NYDIS - NYC Faith Communities, Philanthropies and Social Service Providers
If you represent a NYC faith community or faith-based recovery network or LTRO, we invite you to apply for NYDIS membership – to amplify our collective effectiveness through advocacy, coordination, and access to resources/ training. 
New Preparedness Program for Seniors: Age-Friendly NYC
Senior citizens are particularly susceptible to death and injury during disasters.  Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the vulnerability of this group; 24 of the 43 reported deaths in NYC were people over the age of 60.  Age-Friendly NYC has launched a new program aimed at assisting NYC's elderly population prepare for disasters.  Lindsay Goldman, formerly the Director of UJA J-1-1, has joined the Age-Friendly NYC team as the Program Manager of Older Adult Disaster Response at the New York Academy of Medicine.

To read more about the program, (click here).
EDNY:  Episcopal Relief & Development Awards $250,000 Recovery Grant
Apr. 3:  The Episcopal Diocese of New York has announced that Episcopal Relief & Development will support the long term recovery effort on Staten Island and lower Manhattan with a $250,000 grant.  The grant will be used to provide building materials, recovery staff, and support the Soup in the Hood feeding program.

To read the article, (click here).

NYP: Slip-and-fall Lawsuits Plague City Houses of Worship
Apr. 1:  New York Post reporters Frank Rosario, Erin Calabrese, and Kevin Sheehan report on a wide-spread problem for houses of worship throughout the city.  Dozens of churches and synagogues have had a number of slip-and-fall suits filed against them.  The NYP article reports that these suits are a result of lawyers targeting clients and encouraging them to sue.

To read the article, (click here). 

NY1: Federal Sequestration Could Cut Sandy Aid
Mar. 25:  NY1's Tamani Wooley reports on a U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks address to community leaders on the impact that federal sequestration could have on the Sandy recovery.  Click the link below to see a NY1 interview with QCUA leader Pastor Arthur Davenport from First Church of God in Far Rockaway about local priorities for $1.8 billion in federal Sandy aid for New York City.

To view the article and view the video, (click here).

FEMA Transitional Shelter Assistance (TSA) Program
Deadline Extended:  May 1
For more information, click here.

Private Insurance Warning
Homeowners should NOT wait to settle with their insurance company before applying for a Small Business Administration disaster loan. Their insurance policy may not cover all replacement, repair and rebuilding costs; a disaster loan is available to cover the difference.
FEMA, HUD Announce Rental Assistance Program for NY Sandy Survivors
Apr. 16:  To assist families who are still struggling to locate housing after being displaced by Hurricane Sandy, FEMA and HUD will reinstate the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP), a program that provides temporary rental payments directly to landlords to help families displaced by disasters.  Participation in DHAP will require survivors to take part in the State of New York or City of New York's Disaster Case Management Program.

To read the article, (click here).

HP:  9/11 Human Remains Possibly Recovered from WTC Debris
April 2:  Meghan Barr reports in the Huffington Post that the NYC medical examiner reports that new potential human remains have been identified.  New debris was just recently uncovered, leading to this discovery.  Of the 2,750 people who died at the World Trade Center in 2001, only 1,634 people have been identified.

To read the article, (click here).

NYP: National Hurricane Center Changing Warning Policies
April 4:  The New York Post reports that the National Hurricane Center is responding to criticism after Superstorm Sandy by changing the way it warns people about tropical storms that morph into something else.  Under the new policy, the center will continue to put out warnings and advisories if a storm threatens people and land, even if a hurricane or tropical storm becomes something different.

To read the article, (click here).

NYT: New Images from 100th Floor Observation Deck at 1 WTC
Apr. 2:  Charles V. Bagli reports on the newly unveiled plans for the three-level "One World Observatory" on the 100th floor of 1 World Trade Center.  Legends Hospitality won the bid to operate the observatory, which is scheduled to open in 2015.

To read the article, (click here).
To view USA Today's Photo Gallery, (click here).

FEMA: How NY Sandy Survivors Can Protect Against Fraud
Mar. 27:  FEMA has issued a news release for Sandy survivors to help them protect against fraud.  The release includes information about selecting a contractor, protection against identity theft, tips for donating to charities, and various red flags to watch out for.

To read the news release, (click here).

FEMA: Coastal Construction Information Available for Rebuilding
Mar. 25:  FEMA has produced materials to give technical guidance to home builders and property owners planning post-Sandy construction or repairs in coastal areas.  Thirty-seven fact sheets have been created and are divided into 10 categories that cover various aspects of the construction process.

To read the news release, (click here).

DNA:  WTC Health Registry Launching Study on Survivors of 9/11 and Sandy
Mar. 22:  The World Trade Center Health Registry is launching a survey to study survivors of both 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy.  The registry is aiming to get a better picture of how living through two major tragedies can affect both physical and mental health.

To read the article, (click here).

EM: Sandy Response in NY Shows how FEMA has changed
Mar. 12: FEMA FCO Michael Byrne highlights FEMA's new approach to large disaster response in Emergency Management Magazine.  Most changes were a result of the Post-Katrina Reform Act, and allowed significantly more preparation and prepositioning of supplies prior to landfall.

To read the article, (click here).

EM: Sandy Marked a Shift in Social Media Use in Disasters
Mar. 7:  In Emergency Management Magazine, Sarah Estes Cohen describes the new ways in which Social Media played a significant role in the response to Hurricane Sandy.  Many new lessons have come out of this disaster, paving the way for new applications of this technology.

To read the article, (click here).
Statement: NYDIS Condemns Burnings of Mezuzahs in Brooklyn:
Last week, a thirty-five year old New York resident was arrested for burning individual mezuzahs on the doorposts of Jewish homes in Brooklyn. In the strongest, unqualified terms possible, NYDIS condemns bias, hate crimes or violence of any kind, against persons and communities of faith or the desecration of their sacred objects. Further, while anti-Semitism is abhorrent in all forms, it is especially disturbing during Passover and Eastertide, when bigots and others misinterpret Christian scriptures and blame Jews for the Crucifixion of Christ. NYDIS calls on all New Yorkers to treat each other with respect and speak out againt hate.
NYP: Mezuzahs Burned on Holocaust Remembrance Day
Apr. 9:  Elizabeth Hagen and Rebecca Harshbarger report on the investigation of over a dozen burned mezuzahs in two Brooklyn apartment buildings that took place on Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Community leaders are speaking out against the acts of vandalism, and the NYPD's hate-crimes task force is investigating.

To read the article, (click here).

NY1:  Judge Permits Display of "WTC Cross" At September 11th Museum
Mar. 29: NY1 News reports that a federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by a group called ‘American Atheists' that attempted to block the "World Trade Center Cross" from being displayed at the September 11th Memorial and Museum.  American Atheists plans to appeal the decision.

To read the article, (click here).

SCN:  109 Members of Congress Call for Sikh Hate Crime Tracking
Mar. 21: The Sikh Coalition News reports that one hundred and nine members of the U.S. House of Representatives have issued a new letter calling on the FBI to begin tracking hate crimes against Sikhs, Hindus, and Arab-Americans.

To read the article, (click here).
Child and Youth Preparedness
Check out these tools and information to help children prepare for disasters.
•   NDIN Tip Sheet: Children & Disaster
•   American Academy of Pediatrics: Children & Disasters
•   Ready New York: Kids
•   Ready.gov: Fun + Games
•   Sink or Swim: Flood Safety
Self Care
It's easy to forget to take care of yourself when it is your job to take care of others.  Check out these resources and start building strong self-care habits.
•  NDIN Tip Sheet: Self-Care for Religious Leaders
•  SAMHSA: Self-Care Tips for Emergency and Disaster Response Workers
•  National Center for PTSD: Self-Care After Disasters
Religions in My Neighborhood: Religious Diversity in the Classroom
April 18, 2013
Peace Islands Institute
535 Fifth Ave. 6th Floor, New York, NY 10017
For more information: (click here)

To celebrate our diverse immigrant communities, Tanenbaum is launching Religions in My Neighborhood, a groundbreaking curriculum for K-4 teachers that makes it easier to teach about religion.  The next event is this series is Religious Diversity in the Classroom, an event for school administrators, curriculum directors, diversity practitioners, and educators featuring a keynote address by Fatima Shama, Commissioner of the New York City Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs.

To register for this event, (click here).

NYC DOHMH Mental Health System Planning Forums 2013
April 19 and April 30, 2013

This Community Forum is intended to help DOHMH identify important goals and priorities that will improve mental health services and systems for New York City's children, youth, adults and families.  Topics for discussion include new ways to meet mental health service needs of New Yorkers and how we can better support families and other key individuals in the lives of those experiencing mental health challenges.
Testimony should be emailed in advance to mfasolo@health.nyc.gov.
Two locations:
April 19- DOHMH Auditorium, 125 Worth Street 2nd Floor, New York
April 30- Gotham Center, 3rd Floor Auditorium, 42-09 28th Street, Long Island City

For more information and to register, please call 347-396-7974

New York Emergency Management Summit 2013
May 1, 2013
Hilton New York
1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019

A rallying point for the New York community of first responders, this regional event will gather top leaders in emergency management, public safety, and homeland security, and provide a forum to share best practices, renew relationships, and work on new solutions in NY for both the problems that are anticipated, and those that aren't.  Whether emergencies are storm-related, human-made, or just the day-to-day challenges of large urban and suburban areas, government organizations are expected to have the answers.  The Emergency Management Summit brings together the whole community of public and private-sector leaders to help predict, mitigate, and better handle crisis situations in order to save lives and property.

For registration questions, contact: Ashley Whalen, 1-800-940-6039 x1448 or awhalen@emergencymgmt.com

Seventh Annual Disaster Volunteer Conference: It Takes A City
May 9, 2013
Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts at Pace University
3 Spruce St, New York, NY 10306

In recognition of the tremendous efforts of volunteers in New York City before, during, and after Superstorm Sandy, the NYC Citizen Corps Council invites you to attend its Seventh Annual Disaster Volunteer Conference: It Takes A City.  Join us for a night of discussion about the different disaster volunteer operations during the storm and the long-term recovery efforts starting to take shape.  Also to be discussed are changes to expect in your community due to the storm and how to have an active voice in these changes.

To register for this event, (click here).

2013 Annual National VOAD Conference
May 13-16, 2013
Hilton Portland & Executive Tower
Portland, Oregon
For more information: (click here)

The National VOAD Conference is the largest annual gathering of emergency management/ individual assistance professionals in the country ranging from federal, state, and local governments to faith-based organizations, nonprofits, voluntary agencies, corporations, and academic institutions. It's the best disaster networking event of year!

Post Sandy Job Fair
May 14, 2013
Resorts World
110-00 Rockaway Blvd, South Ozone Park, NY
For more information: (click here)

In the wake of Sandy, so many businesses have wanted to help those affected.  The Post Sandy Job Fair for Greater New York offers a means for them to do so in a most significant and long-lasting way- by connecting with job-seekers and offering employment opportunities that will provide the lifeline that they really need.
Catholic Charities Disaster Case Management Jobs
To view, (click here)
EmergeNYC Volunteer
To view, (click here)

Federal Emergency Management Jobs

National Service
New York City Office of Emergency Management
To view online, (click here)

New York Disaster Interfaith Services
View at: (click here)

Met Council Disaster Case Management Jobs
View at: (click here)
NDIN Volunteer Positions
Please contact info@ndin.org for more information.
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