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Welcome to NYDISnet, the e-newsletter of New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS).

NYDISnet is New York City's only Sandy recovery e-news resources, and provides the latest updates on resources, events, trainings and other matters of interest to the recovery community and religious leaders – including 9/11 long-term recovery news. NYDIS also distributes NYDISnet ALERTs during local emergencies or to notify New York City faith communities and our partners of important news. If you would like to post readiness, response or recovery information or upcoming events, please contact NYDISnet Editor Michelle Johnson at recovery@nydis.org.


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NYDIS Sandy Recovery Resources

Connect With Us – Daily Recovery Updates
Social media is a vital tool being used to share valuable resources and tools in Sandy recovery – as well as updates on 9/11 or other local disasters. 

Updated: On-Line NYC Sandy Recovery Guide (with Widgets)
NYDIS's on-line Hurricane Sandy Recovery Guide and Resources is updated daily, offering a single source of information and resources for recovery organizations, case managers and families impacted by Hurricane Sandy. This guide is updated daily and pulls resources from FEMA, New York State and City agencies, and non-profit programs. In order to help you save time and money, NYDIS provides a Recovery Guide widget you can place on your own website that links directly to the guide – so your staff and clients can easily get the information through you.

Submit resources to recovery@nydis.org
Access the Recovery Guide or download a widget for your website.

Updated: On-Line NYC Sandy Recovery Calendar
It's hard to keep track of all the long-term recovery meetings, trainings, and events.  NYDIS posts daily updates to the Google calendar on our website, along with all the latest recovery news for the five boroughs. Please contact recovery@nydis.org if you have an event or meeting that you would like listed. 

Access the calendar

NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable & NYC Unmet Needs Fund
Since 2002, NYDIS has administered the Unmet Needs Roundtable in NYC. The mission of Unmet Needs Roundtables is to bring together donors, long-term recovery groups and case management agencies to financially assist impacted families with unmet needs beyond those met by all other current programs. Through the advocacy of a case manager, the Roundtables (which are centrally managed and will meet in each borough) will provide both emergency cash assistance, recovery grants, loans and discounted/tax-free building supplies to eligible survivor households. Assistance is targeted to ensure and sustain survivors' long-term recovery. This is a fund of last resort, when all other government programs and private sources of recovery assistance have been exhausted.

NYDIS facilitates the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable; the Health & Welfare Council of Long Island facilitates the Long Island Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable; and both agencies administer the New York Unmet Needs Fund.  We are seeking donors to the Roundtable funds, as well as donors who wish to sit on the donor panel and distribute their own funds.

For more information, contact info@nydis.org
Download the Roundtable Flyer

NYC Volunteer Group Housing Coordination
NYDIS is directly networked with over 2500 NYC congregations and community partners to coordinate housing and shower facilities for rebuild volunteers.  Please register your congregation as a "dorm" or contact us if you need housing for your incoming partners. Increasing our communities' capacity to house volunteers will provide more volunteers and resources, helping our communities recover faster.

To volunteer your House of Worship as a "dorm," contact recovery@nydis.org  

Join NYDIS - NYC Faith Communities, Philanthropies and Social Service Providers
If you represent a NYC faith community or faith-based recovery network or LTRO, we invite you to apply for NYDIS membership to amplify our collective effectiveness through advocacy, coordination, and access to resources/ training.

Apply to join NYDIS
NYDIS Co-Sponsors Mayoral Candidates Forum at Shorefront YM-YWHA
Seven months after Sandy the "whole community" is still providing relief to families affected by the storm.  Recovery is only beginning; NYC's response to this storm will likely span several future mayoral terms.  Our next mayor will be central to our recovery.  On June 27 NYDIS joined the Long Term Recovery Groups and other non-profits from all five boroughs to hear from eight mayoral candidates themselves on how they plan to address the host of issues facing New York City's Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts over the next decade.

NYDIS Sandy Recovery Funds Reach $7 Million ($13 Million Still Needed)
NYDIS has set a recovery fund goal of $20,000,000 to provide essential unmet-needs cash assistance and appliances, furniture  and building supplies for under-resourced Sandy survivors, along with modest coordination staff support. To date, NYDIS has received over $7,000,000 in Sandy recovery donations, grants and pledges. We are grateful for the generosity of our donors as well as grant support from foundations and our National VOAD partners. The majority of these funds are restricted to the administration of or cash assistance for the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable.

DONATE to NYDIS Sandy Recovery

NYDIS' Hires Ten New Full-time Sandy Recovery Staff
As of July 1, NYDIS will have completed the hiring process for ten new full-time recovery positions.  We welcome the following staff to our team:

  • Bob Mundy, Moderator-NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable (UNR)
  • Ella Zlotina, Coordinator-Case Management & Recovery Resources, UNR
  • Tameka Sharp, Partnerships Coordinator-NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable
  • Matt O'Connell, Database Manager-NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable
  • Ayodele Alli, Coordinator-Volunteer Group Housing
  • Peter Cavadini, Partnerships Coordinator-Volunteer Group Housing
  • Michelle Johnson, Recovery Coordinator
  • William Depoo, Recovery Assistant (Staten Island)
  • Obiano Huntley, Recovery Assistant (Queens)
  • Claire Littlefield, Recovery Assistant (Brooklyn)
  • Michelle Acosta, Finance & Office Operations Manager
House of Worship Guidebook to Developing Emergency Operations Plans
June 18: As part of the ongoing collaboration between government and the faith community, the White House has released a Guide for Developing High Quality Emergency Operations Plans for Houses of Worship. NYDIS encourages all religious leaders to take steps now to prepare your congregation to be ready to provide a response in times of crisis and disaster by becoming a ReadyCongregation.

This guide covers topics such as:
  • The Planning Process – Forming a Team, Understanding the Situation, Determining Goals and Objectives, Plan Development, Preparation, Review, Implementation and Maintenance.
  • What's Included in an Emergency Operations Plan – Basic Plan Content, Functions, Threats and Hazards.
  • Active Shooter Situations – Preparing, Prevention, Responding, and What to do following an incident.

TL: Mayoral Candidates Talk Sandy Recovery at East Elmhurst Baptist Church
Jun. 14:  Chris Engelhardt reports in the Times Ledger that, following Mayor Bloomberg's announcement of a $20 billion plan to protect the city from future storms, mayoral candidates were grilled by clergy and Hurricane Sandy survivors on how they would leverage those funds.

ELCA: Lutheran Disaster Response
May 23:  In the blog of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Joseph Chu reports on various ways that people can help respond to the Oklahoma tornadoes. Suggestions such as affiliating with an organization with a proven record, and recommendations against donating "stuff," are highlighted.  Several resource references are also included.

FEMA Transitional Shelter Assistance (TSA) Program
Deadline Extended:  July 6

Private Insurance Warning
Homeowners should NOT wait to settle with their insurance company before applying for a Small Business Administration disaster loan. Their insurance policy may not cover all replacement, repair and rebuilding costs; a disaster loan is available to cover the difference.

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Case Management Referral Line: 855-258-0483
FEMA Report: National Preparedness Report
Presidential Policy Directive 8: National Preparedness requires an annual National Preparedness Report (NPR) that summarizes national progress in building, sustaining, and delivering 31 core capabilities.   The 2013 NPR has been released, with key findings indicating strengths in planning and operational coordination.  Challenges remain in enhancing infrastructure resilience and maturing the role of public-private relationships.
NYC Report: Hurricane Sandy After Action Report
The City of New York has released its Hurricane Sandy After Action Report and Recommendations to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. The Report includes 59 recommendations which are grouped into seven themes.   These include improved education, improved accessibility of information, better integration of the City's data across platforms and agencies, additional capacity to respond, better coordination of relief, the development of a mid- and long-term housing plan, and partnerships with federal and state authorities.
NYC: Coming up this Fall: "We Are New York" on Emergency Preparedness 
In partnership with CUNY and the NYC Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, Citizen Corps will be producing a 25-minute episode as part of the We Are New York series geared towards English-language learners (ELL).  The episode will focus on emergency preparedness and access to city resources during emergencies and will be accompanied by various learning materials for beginner and intermediate English language learners.  If you are interested in learning more about this project and using these materials in your outreach, please contact Emily Accamando at eaccamando@oem.nyc.gov
NYC: Confidential Counseling Services for New Yorkers Affected By Sandy
The Health Department has launched an ad campaign highlighting free, confidential crisis counseling services available to help New Yorkers cope with the effects of Hurricane Sandy, particularly in Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. There are currently 388 crisis counselors available to help. Counselors can speak with both individuals and groups, and counselors who speak Spanish, Russian, Cantonese Mandarin, Arabic and other languages are available.
PND: Recovery Grants Near $1.5 M for Friends of Rockaway
June 29: Friends of Rockaway, a nonprofit group founded by local residents following Superstorm Sandy, has received grants of $721,550 from the American Red Cross and $750,000 from the  NYC Home Repair Consortium. The funds will be used to hire local skilled labor for mold remediation and rebuilding efforts in about ninety homes on the Rockaway Peninsula. An affiliate of St. Bernard Project, Friends of Rockaway has raised a total of $2.5 million to date and provides volunteers and professionals to help clean and repair storm-ravaged homes in the Rockaways.

HP: Sandy Victims Cite Friends and Family More Than Gov't As Key to Survival
Jun. 24:  Meghan Barr reports in the Huffington Post that, in the hour of greatest need, families and communities - not the government - were the most helpful sources of assistance and support.  A poll conducted by the Associated Press - NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that after the storm in New York and New Jersey, survivors most frequently mentioned friends, relatives, and neighbors as the ones who helped them "make it through."  Read the complete findings here.
HSNW: U.S. Cities Preparing for Disasters
Jun. 13:  Homeland Security News Wire notes that in the last year, the United States faced Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook shooting, the Boston Marathon bombings, and tornadoes in Oklahoma.  The future is unpredictable, so cities across the United States are taking steps to be in a better position to respond to disasters.
NYC: Mayor Announces: A Stronger, More Resilient New York
Jun. 11:  Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced "A Stronger, More Resilient New York," a comprehensive plan that contains actionable recommendations both for rebuilding the communities impacted by Sandy and increasing the resilience of infrastructure and buildings citywide.
MC: Governor Cuomo Announces $500 Million in Hazard Mitigation Grants
Jun. 10:  Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced a call for projects to be funded by the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) to assist local governments and non-profit organizations rebuild stronger, more resilient communities across the state.  These efforts are aimed at increasing the state's resiliency, mitigating the risks of loss and damage associated with future disasters.
NYP: 9/11 Remains Come to Rest in New Location
Jun. 6:  The New York Press reports that the office of the City's chief medical examiner says the remains of Sept. 11 World Trade Center victims will be kept in a forensic laboratory building because the previous location was damaged by Superstorm Sandy.  The original press release can be viewed on the 9/11 List-Serv Google Group.
BCF: Red Cross Awards $1.2M to Brooklyn Community Foundation
May 31: The Brooklyn Community Foundation has announced a $1.25 million grant from the American Red Cross to assist Brooklyn residents hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy. The grant will support a network of "community collaboratives" working to rebuild five neighborhoods - Canarsie, Coney Island, Gerritsen Beach, Red Hook, and Sheepshead Bay - devastated by the storm. Funding from the Red Cross - which over the past seven months has supported efforts to increase access to food, health and human services, and housing assistance for victims of the storm - will focus on longer-term recovery initiatives.

NYT: A-Train Fully Restored in Time for Summer
May 30:  The New York Times' Matt Flegenheimer reports that the A train is now fully restored and providing full service to the Rockaways. 
BCF: Brooklyn Community Foundation Receives American Red Cross Grant
May 29:  The Brooklyn Community Foundation reports that the American Red Cross has awarded them a $1.25 million grant to support long term recovery services for people affected by Superstorm Sandy in the borough's hardest hit neighborhoods.  The grant will be used to provide financial support and expertise to a network of "community collaborative."
PND: Red Cross Criticized for Setting Some Sandy Aid Aside
May 29:  Philanthropy News Digest reports that the American Red Cross still has some $110 million of the $303 million it raised in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, leaving many to question the organization's strategy and role in disaster relief and recovery efforts.

Note: NYDIS, like all experienced long-term recovery organizations, challenges the "spend it now" rhetoric as misguided. Non-profits do provide critical relief aid where government bureaucracy creates gaps in essential human services. However, non-profit and private philanthropy is critical to long-term recovery, particularly because when government programs falter or end, the remaining unmet needs are often significant. The American Red Cross and a few other organizations have the only resources to meet these needs through direct assistance or grant-funded partners.

AMC: Cuomo Announces Appointments to Positions on NY's Storm Recovery Efforts
May 28:  Governor Cuomo announced in a press release several appointments to positions that will focus on New York State's ongoing efforts in recovery and rebuild from Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene, and Tropical Storm Lee.  Notably, Seth Diamond has been appointed as the Director of Storm Recovery, and Claudia Filomena and Chelsea Muller will serve as Co-Leads of the New York City CRZ program.
WSJ: City Official for Homeless Services Appointed Director of Storm Recovery
May 28:  Michael Howard Saul reports in the Wall Street Journal on the appointment of Seth Diamond, head of the city's Department of Homeless Services since 2010 as Director of Storm Recovery.   
CDC: Deaths Associated with Hurricane Sandy
May 24:  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report focuses on the deaths associated with Hurricane Sandy in October and November.  The Red Cross tracks deaths during disasters to provide services to surviving family members.  According to this data, 117 deaths were recorded, with 45% caused by drowning.
HSNW: ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging NSA's Phone Surveillance
Jun. 12:  Homeland Security News Wire reports that, in the wake of the revelations about the NSA's surveillance of phone calls, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit charging that the program violates Americans' constitutional rights of free speech, association, and privacy.

HP: FBI To Start Tracking Hate Crimes Against Sikhs, Hindus, and Arabs
Jun. 5:  Jaweed Kaleem reports in the Huffington Post that after years of pressure from civil rights groups and lawmakers who say attacks against religious and ethnic minorities are not adequately monitored by law enforcement, the FBI will begin formally tracking hate crimes against Sikhs, Hindus, and Arabs.

HSNW: NYPD Surveillance Would Have Prevented Boston-Like Attacks in NYC
May 31:  According to the Homeland Security News Wire, former CIA director Michael Hayden said a terror attack like the Boston Marathon bombings would never have taken place in New York City.   NYPD's broad campaign of spying on the Muslim communities in the city would have helped officials identify the radical tendencies of the alleged bombers, thus preventing the attack.
Community Preparedness
Disaster Mental Health
Fresh Start Clinic Canarsie
June 29, 2013 - 11:00am – 2:00pm
Bay View Community Center Millennium Development
5955 Shore Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11236
Register here

At Bridge Street, our trained foreclosure prevention staff have a wealth of information and resources to help you navigate through the foreclosure process. The Fresh Start Clinic will cover:
  • The difference between default and foreclosure
  • Options you have on retaining or transitioning out of your house
  • The New York State Foreclosure Process and your rights as a homeowner
  • Necessities you need to qualify for a modification
  • Post Sandy homeowner insurance issues

Whether you are looking to avoid being late on your mortgage, going through the foreclosure process, or need information about Post-Sandy Resources, Bridge Street Development Corporation will provide you with tools you can use during these difficult situations.

NYDIS Co-Sponsors - Disaster Chaplain Training
July 16 and 17, 2013
Metropolitan College of New York
431 Canal Street
New York, NY
Register here

Through a training partnership with NDIN and the Metropolitan College of New York, NYDIS will again offer this two-day Disaster Chaplain Training course. This course prepares chaplains and religious leaders to volunteer or serve as disaster chaplains in mass-care settings or their local communities and/or houses of worship.
Animals in Disasters: Workshop for Emergency Managers & Pet Owners
July 24, 2013 - 12:00 – 4:00pm
Metropolitan College of New York
431 Canal Street,
 New York, NY
Register here

This workshop will cover a number of topics including animals in emergency management historically, lessons learned from Katrina and Irene + Sandy locally, considerations regarding animals during e vacuation, disaster pet shelter operations, animal search and rescue, and species specific animal handling.
Catholic Charities Disaster Case Management
Federal Emergency Management Jobs
Jewish Disaster Response Corps
Met Council Disaster Case Management
New York Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church
New York Cares
New York City Office of Emergency Management
National Service
New York Cares
NDIN Volunteer Positions
World Cares Center
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