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Welcome to NYDISnet, the e-newsletter of New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS).

NYDISnet is New York City's only Sandy recovery e-news resource, and provides the latest updates on resources, events, trainings and other matters of interest to the recovery community and religious leaders - including 9/11 long-term recovery news. NYDIS also distributes NYDISnet ALERTs during local emergencies or to notify New York City faith communities and our partners of important news.

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NYDIS Sandy Recovery Resources

Connect With Us - Daily Recovery Updates
Social media is a vital tool being used to share valuable resources and tools in Sandy recovery - as well as updates on 9/11 or other local disasters. 

Updated: On-Line NYC Sandy Recovery Guide (with Widgets)
NYDIS's on-line Hurricane Sandy Recovery Guide is updated daily, offering a single source of information and resources for recovery organizations, case managers and families impacted by Hurricane Sandy. This guide pulls resources from FEMA, New York State and City agencies, and non-profit programs. In order to help you save time and money, NYDIS provides a Recovery Guide widget you can place on your own website that links directly to the guide - so your staff and clients can easily get the information through you.

Submit resources to recovery@nydis.org
Access the Recovery Guide or download a widget for your website.

Updated: On-Line NYC Sandy Recovery Calendar
It's hard to keep track of all the long-term recovery meetings, trainings, and events.  NYDIS posts daily updates to the Google calendar on our website, along with all the latest recovery news for the five boroughs. Please contact recovery@nydis.org if you have an event or meeting that you would like listed. 

Access the calendar

NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable & NYC Unmet Needs Fund
Since 2002, NYDIS has administered the Unmet Needs Roundtable in NYC. The mission of Unmet Needs Roundtables is to bring together donors, long-term recovery groups and case management agencies to financially assist impacted families with unmet needs beyond those met by all other current programs. Through the advocacy of a case manager, the Roundtables (which are centrally managed and will meet in each borough) will provide emergency cash assistance, recovery grants, loans and discounted/tax-free building supplies to eligible survivor households. Assistance is targeted to ensure and sustain survivors' long-term recovery. This is a fund of last resort, when all other government programs and private sources of recovery assistance have been exhausted.

NYDIS facilitates the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable; the Health & Welfare Council of Long Island facilitates the Long Island Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable; and both agencies administer the New York Unmet Needs Fund.  We are seeking donors to the Roundtable fund, as well as donors who wish to sit on the donor panel and distribute their own funds.

For more information, contact info@nydis.org
Download the Roundtable Flyer

NYC Volunteer Group Housing Coordination
NYDIS is directly networked with over 2500 NYC congregations and community partners to coordinate housing and shower facilities for rebuild volunteers.  Please register your congregation as a "dorm" or contact us if you need housing for your incoming partners. Increasing our communities' capacity to house volunteers will provide more volunteers and resources, helping our communities recover faster.

To volunteer your House of Worship as a "dorm," contact recovery@nydis.org

Join NYDIS - NYC Faith Communities, Philanthropies and Social Service Providers
If you represent a NYC faith community or faith-based recovery network or LTRO, we invite you to apply for NYDIS membership to amplify our collective effectiveness through advocacy, coordination, and access to resources/ training.

Apply to join NYDIS
American Red Cross: Red Cross Awards Grant to NYDIS for Sandy Recovery
Jul 2:  The American Red Cross has awarded a $2.97 million grant to New York Disaster Interfaith Services in support of long-term recovery services for people affected by Superstorm Sandy.   NYDIS will use the grant to administer two programs:  1) The NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable, which distributes funds through the New York City Unmet Needs Fund, and 2) the NYC Volunteer Group Housing program to recruit, coordinate and/or support dorms sites in all five boroughs - primarily in houses of worship and other non-profit sites - for volunteers who travel to the region to help repair and rebuild homes.

NYDIS Co-Sponsors Mayoral Candidates Forum at Shorefront YM-YWHA
Seven months after Sandy the"whole community" is still providing relief to families affected by the storm.  Recovery is only beginning; NYC's response to this storm will likely span several future mayoral terms.  Our next mayor will be central to our recovery.  On June 27 NYDIS joined the Long Term Recovery Groups and other non-profits from all five boroughs to hear from eight mayoral candidates themselves on how they plan to address the host of issues facing New York City's Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts over the next decade.

NYDIS Sandy Recovery Funds Reach $8.5 Million ($11.5 Million Still Needed)
NYDIS has set a recovery fund goal of $20,000,000 to provide essential unmet-needs cash assistance and appliances, furniture  and building supplies for under-resourced Sandy survivors, along with modest coordination-staff support. To date, NYDIS has received over $8,500,000 in Sandy recovery donations, grants and pledges. We are grateful for the generosity of our donors as well as grant support from foundations and our National VOAD partners. The majority of these funds are restricted to the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable, primarily for cash assistance as well as administration.

DONATE to NYDIS Sandy Recovery
NYDIS is Seeking NYC Congregations to Host Rebuild Volunteers
Many out-of-state volunteers are looking to contribute their time and skills to continued Hurricane Sandy mold suppression and rebuild efforts; these volunteer groups require a place to eat and sleep. New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) is managing the NYC Volunteer Group Housing program to coordinate and support volunteer housing available from congregations. We provide forms and training materials, coordinate reservations, and provide any other operations support needed. To get more information or to register your congregation as a "dorm," or request volunteer housing for incoming groups, email volunteerhousing@nydis.org.

TQF: Accepting Applications from Faith Leaders
The Queens Fellowship is currently accepting applications from Queens non-profit, faith, government and community leaders. The fellowship is a professional development program designed to strengthen the capacity of local leaders and agencies in Queens. This cohort will meet from September 2013 to June 2014.

FEMA: Developing High Quality Emergency Operations Plans for Houses of Worship
FEMA has released a new guide for developing Emergency Operations Plans in Houses of Worship.  The guide provides recommendations on the development of plans not only for responding to an emergency, but also for preventing, protecting against, mitigating the impact of, and recovering from these emergencies.

CAN: Bill Helping Sandy-wrecked Houses of Worship Draws Praise
Jul. 13:  Catholic News Agency's Carl Bunderson reports that religious leaders have praised senators who introduced a bill which would ensure that houses of worship are not discriminated against when federal funds are distributed for disaster relief.
Federal TSA Program Deadline Extended to August 6

NYSEG: $2 Million in Grants Available for Recovery Assistance - 8/1 Deadline
New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) is reminding businesses, municipalities, residential establishments, and farms of $2 M in available recovery funds for its customers. For more information on NYSEG's Emergency Economic Development Programs, and to apply for funding by August 1 click on the link above.

Last Call for Insurance Denials
As the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches, lawyers are encouraging Sandy-impacted business owners whose insurance claims were denied to act quickly. According to Crain's New York, aspects of national flood insurance policy combined with a conflict-of-interest inherent in claims departments are leaving businesses with massive debt.

Private Insurance Warning
Homeowners should NOT wait to settle with their insurance company before applying for a Small Business Administration disaster loan. Their insurance policy may not cover all replacement, repair and rebuilding costs; a disaster loan is available to cover the difference.

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Case Management Referral Line: 855-258-0483

NYDIS Recovery Resource Guide
Sandy Regional Assembly: SIRR Analysis
The Sandy Regional Assembly released their thoughts on Mayor Bloomberg's Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency (SIRR) plan last week, including positive feedback, challenges and concerns, proposed projects, and policy recommendations. Read the report here

OEM: New Hurricane Evacuation Zones Released in New York City
New York City has released new hurricane evacuation zones throughout the five boroughs.  To find out if you live in one of these zones, please visit the H urricane Evacuation Zone Finder or call 311.

Important information about the new evacuation zones:

  1. The zones are increasing from three to six zones; changing from A,B, and C, to 1,2,3,4,5,6. These zones are ranked by risk of storm surge impact, with Zone 1 being the most likely to flood, through Zon 6, the least likely.
  2. People can find out which zone they live in, and the location of their nearest evacuation center, by visiting the Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder, or by calling 311.
  3. An additional 600,000 New Yorkers are now included in the zones, bringing the total number of residents that would have to evacuate in a worst-case scenario to about 3 million.

Social, Health and Mental Health Services Grant(Deadline August 30th)
Sandy Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) funds are now available for human service providers and clients impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The funds will serve to meet various health-related needs, including services for individuals, and repair, renovation, and building projects for health and social services facilities. 

NY Rising: Guidance for Community Recovery Zones Toolkit
Through the Community Reconstruction Zone (CRZ) Program, New York State is assisting communities to rebuild better and safer based on community-driven plans that consider current damage, future threats to community assets, and the community's economic future. In keeping with the National Disaster Recovery Framework, CRZ Plans will consider the needs, risks, and opportunities related to assets in the following categories of recovery support functions: Community Planning and Capacity Building, Economic Development, Health and Social Services, Housing, Infrastructure, and Natural and Cultural Resources.

CC: Apply Today for a Hurricane Relief Grant
Citizens Committee for New York City is awarding grants of $2,000 to support volunteer-led hurricane relief efforts. They are offering this short-term, high-impact grant opportunity because they believe Sandy relief efforts go beyond the immediate aftermath. The grants are to help increase the overall capacity of volunteer groups to provide relief to hurricane-impacted areas and to support specific projects that address hurricane-related damage to community spaces.

DOHMH: Confidential Counseling Services for New Yorkers Affected By Sandy
The Health Department has launched an ad campaign highlighting the free, confidential crisis counseling services available to help New Yorkers cope with the effects of Hurricane Sandy, particularly in Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.There are currently 388 crisis counselors available to help. Counselors can speak with both individuals and groups, and counselors who speak Spanish, Russian, Cantonese Mandarin, Arabic and other languages are available.

NYCEDC: Neighborhood Game-Changer Investment Competition
NYCEDC is requesting proposals from qualified individuals, organizations, or companies to execute projects and/or programs that will catalyze significant long-term economic growth in Hurricane Sandy impacted areas.  Submissions are due by September 9, 2013 at 4:00pm.

IRS: Disaster Relief and Assistance for Taxpayers
For Sandy-impacted taxpayers living in federally declared disaster areas, the IRS is offering a variety of services, including extensions for filing returns, faster refunds, and disaster planning audio presentations. Click the link above for more information and additional resources for individuals and businesses.
GJNY: Tracking Hurricane Sandy Recovery Money
Good Jobs New York offers a brief summary of H.R. 152, the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act which describes federal disaster recovery funds and breaks down the first allocation of Community Development Block Grants for New York City. Check out their At-a-Glance: Federal Disaster Relief After Sandy to get a better understanding of how funds are being allocated.

TL: New Sandy Legislation
July 26: The Times Ledger reported that, following a round of oversight hearings, the NYC City Council passed a legislative package last week that seeks to better prepare the city for future storms. The bills, which touch on a variety of issues including access to food and water, individuals with medical needs, and fuel management, aim to improve the planning and response of the Office of Emergency Management. Read more here.

NBC 4 NY: Sandy-Ravaged SI Residents Battling Growing Summer Mold
Jul 8: Mold infestation is an ongoing problem for many homes impacted by Hurricane Sandy in the borough of Staten Island.  Coupled with the summer heat and humidity, it is becoming an especially dangerous health hazard for homeowners and their neighbors. 

NY1:  Grassroots Groups Go Door to Door to Collect Data on Mold in SI Homes
Jul 7:  NY1's J.T. French reports that members of the grassroots groups Where to Turn and Beacon of Hope New York are collecting data to possibly pursue legal action against the city Health Department, saying they want the city to perform air quality tests and declare abandoned homes with mold in them as health hazards.

NY1: Project Hope Continues to Help Sandy Victims Cope
Jun 29:  Nearly eight months after Hurricane Sandy, many New York residents are still in the process of rebuilding their homes and lives as well as struggling to cope with the emotional trauma of their experiences.  Project Hope provides free and confidential counseling to address the emotional and disaster mental health crises. Survivors can call    1-800-Life-Net to speak to a counselor.

Times Ledger: City Council Passes Package to Prepare for Future Storms
July 26: The City Council recently passed a legislative package that will increase the Office of Emergency Management's capacity to prepare, plan for and respond to future storms.  The bills focuses on planning areas including access to food and water, emergency shelter preparation, traffic and fuel management and tracking individuals in special-needs medical shelters.
Evacuation Planning & Sheltering
NDIN Tip Sheet: Faith Communities & Evacuation Planning
NDIN Tip Sheet: Faith Communities & Disaster Sheltering
NYC OEM: Hurricane Evacuation Zones and Evacuation Zone Finder
Ready.gov: Evacuating Yourself and Your Family

#KnowYourZone - NYC OEM Hurricane Guides in Multiple Languages
The Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York City guide is now available online in multiple languages. #KnowYourZone, from Arabic to Yiddish. Click on the link to read the updated Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York City guide. Learn what Hurricane Evacuation Zone you live in by going to the Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder, or by calling 311. 

Hot Weather Hazards

NDIN Tip Sheet: Faith Communities & Hot Weather Hazards
Ready New York: Beat the Heat Guide
Ready.gov: Extreme Heat
Weather Channel: Heat Safety & Preparedness

CDC Whole Community Tour- "On the Road in New York City" 
The CDC's Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (OPHPR) Learning Office is working in support of the CDC Foundation on a pilot program to identify and promote promising examples of existing community efforts that reflect and embody FEMA's Whole Community approach to emergency management.  Read more about CDC's Whole Community site; visit NYC OEM's Partners in Preparedness program here.   

HSNW: How Residents in Storm-Prone Regions React Before Imminent Storm
Jul 5: Homeland Security News Wire reports that StormView software program gauges how residents of hurricane-prone regions react to warnings and prepare for storms.  The program is designed to be as realistic as possible in order to accurately assess how people would react in the event of an imminent storm.
Every Thursday
Wellness & Healing in Gerritsen Beach
On Thursdays, Community Relief and Rebuilding through Education and Wellness (CRREW) sets up shop at the Gerritsen Beach Cares Trailer, offering acupuncture and energy healing services to local residents. For more information and to request CRREW's services in your community, send them a message.

Red Hook: Beyond Resilience
July 31, 2013
Pratt Institute's Recovery, Adaptation, Mitigation, and Planning (RAMP) program is headed to Red Hook on Wednesday for a climate adaptation and strategic planning discussion, including an idea exchange/poster session, panel presentation and Q&A, and reception. Participation in this event is free -- check out their Facebook post for more information.

Coastal Community Resilience Course
Online: July 31 & August 1, 2013
For more information and to register, click here.

This week, the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC) is offering two four-hour preparedness training courses at the Ocean Bay Community Development Corporation. Hosted by Pratt Institute, this FEMA-certified course focuses on resilience as a framework for community-based planning, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Sandy Help Fair
August 3, 2013, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
St. Margaret Mary Olympia Activity Center
1126 Olympia Blvd.
Staten Island, NY

The Staten Island Community and Interfaith Long Term Recovery Organization are sponsoring Help Fairs to assist survivors still feeling the impact of Sandy. City and local resources will be on site to raise awareness on their available services and to assist with application submissions. 

NYDIS Training: Unmet Needs Roundtable for Disaster Case Managers
Tuesday, August 6, from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm
Metropolitan College of New York - 431 Canal Street, 11th Floor (Manhattan)

Fully Enrolled - email tsharp@nydis.org for waiting list for upcoming dates

This training is being presented by New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) and is intended to train New York City DCM Supervisors and DCMs how to present cases to the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable.  The Roundtable is a source of cash assistance, loans and discounted/tax-free appliances, furniture and building supplies – for those impacted by Sandy and regardless of immigration status. This training is open to any disaster case manager from any agency. This training is required before a DCM can apply to the Roundtable on behalf of their client’s unmet needs.

All Hazards Consortium Webinar Series
A Case Study for Power Restoration Following Sandy
August 6, 2013 at 1:00pm 
Register here

The All Hazards Consortium Webinar Series will present on the previously listed topics throughout July and August.  Please use the link above to register.

Super Storm Sandy: Recovering Into the Future
Sunday, August 11, 2013 11:00am- 2:00pm
New Dorp High School
465 New Dorp Lane

An event of information, entertainment, and free give-a-ways sponsored by the Staten Island Community Center-SICC & Davidzon Radio.  The program will include Sandy recovery updates from government, elected officials, and non-profit organizations, a short concert and free give-a-ways at select business tables.

National Preparedness Month Kick-Off
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 
Locations Throughout New York City
Learn More & Sign Up

On Wednesday, September 4, join the NYC Citizen Corps Council, NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM), and fellow NYC volunteers to kick-off National Preparedness Month!  The NYC Citizen Corps Council is asking interested New Yorkers to sign up and spend a few hours at one of the locations educating new Yorkers about emergency preparedness and volunteerism.
Catholic Charities Disaster Case Management

Federal Emergency Management Jobs

Met Council Disaster Case Management

New York Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church

New York Cares

New York City Office of Emergency Management


National Service

New York Cares

NDIN Volunteer Positions

World Cares Center

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