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Welcome to NYDISnet, the e-newsletter of New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS).

NYDISnet is New York Citys only faith-based Sandy recovery e-news resource, and provides the latest updates on resources, events, trainings and other matters of interest to the recovery community and religious leaders - including 9/11 long-term recovery news. NYDIS also distributes NYDISnet ALERTs during local emergencies or to notify New York City faith communities and our partners of important news.

We continue to ask your prayers for the victims and survivors of the East Harlem building explosion. NYDIS has been helping meet the unmet needs of those families - please make a donation to support our work.

If you would like to post readiness, response or recovery information or upcoming events, please contact NYDISnet Editor Tameka Sharp at tsharp@nydis.org .


Rev. Ruth Yoder Wenger, Executive Vice President


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NYDIS Sandy Recovery Resources
Connect With Us - for Daily Recovery Updates
On-Line NYC Sandy Recovery Guide (with Widgets)
On-Line NYC Sandy Recovery Calendar
NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable & NYC Unmet Needs Fund
The Unmet Needs Roundtables convene donors, long-term recovery groups and case management agencies to financially assist impacted families with unmet needs beyond those met by all other current programs. Through the advocacy of a case manager, the Roundtables (which are centrally managed and meet in each borough) provide emergency cash assistance, recovery grants, loans and discounted/tax-free building supplies to eligible survivor households. Assistance is targeted to ensure and sustain survivors long-term recovery. For more information, contact info@nydis.org.
NYC Housing Recovery Resource Guide - Updated Weekly
The New York City VOAD Volunteer Management and Construction Committee has released the updated version of the NYC Housing Recovery Resource Guide. This guide provides a list of Voluntary Agencies providing rebuild services in New York City, their primary services and service boroughs and neighborhoods. You can access the updated version here.
NYC Volunteer Group Housing Program Form-Set
A comprehensive culturally and religiously competent form-set to assist potential host sites in housing rebuild volunteers in support of Superstorm Sandy Recovery efforts. This form-set, includes two handbooks for host sites and volunteer groups and exhaustively covers a wide range of resources for organizations involved in volunteer housing rebuild.

View or download the VGHP Form Set for Host Sites & Volunteer Groups

NYDIS is Hiring: Finance & Office Operations Manager - View Posting here

NYDIS Announces 3 Paid Fellowships for Post 9/11 Military Veterans
NYDIS is currently partnering with The Mission Continues to host three fellows starting in September. Fellows must have served in the United States Military after September 11, 2001, having attained an honorable discharge after a minimum of 24 months of time in military service (unless serious injury was sustained preventing further service). A Mission Continues Fellowship involves 20 hours of service per week for 26 weeks at a local nonprofit organization. The fellowships will enrich the lives of veterans through service - helping to facilitate their transition to civilian life, and place these outstanding role models where the NYC community may benefit from their strength and example.
NYDIS Featured in NYT Story: After the Storm, 20 Months in Limbo
New York Times Reporter Liz Robbins spent a month visiting with NYDIS, the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable and several other recovery organizations doing research for this article on best practices and the recovery struggles of survivor households. Read article here

NYDIS Cohosts LTRG Sandy Strategic Recovery Planning Forum
Church World Services and New York Disaster Interfaith Services, in partnership with American Red Cross, FEMA VALs, and MCNY Emergency & Disaster Management Program,   hosted a city-wide Long Term Recovery Group Think Tank on June 18, 2014 to address the main priorities LTRGs are facing regarding Superstorm Sandy recovery in their communities and boroughs. Nearly 40 board members, committee chairs and other recovery partners were in attendance. Topics included LTRG sustainability, collaborative advocacy, and partnership building.
NYDIS/OEM: Hurricane Preparedness Month Outreach to NYC Congregations
To mark Hurricane Preparedness Month, NYDIS and the NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) partnered to geo-code all NYC houses of worship in NYDIS's HOWCALM System (web-based database of all NYC congregations, religious schools and Faith-based Social Service Providers). Those geo-coded locations were compared to the new federal flood maps identifying 1249 congregations within flood zones 1-6. Those 1249 congregations were then mailed letters from NYDIS and OEM alerting them to their flooding vulnerability and evacuation zone. The mailing also included the NYC Hurricane Guide, Evacuation Zone maps as well as several Disaster Tip Sheets for U.S. Religious Leaders on topics like Evacuation Planning and Continuity of Operations Planning for c ongregations.

View the Congregation Flood Map (click here) PDF file 4882kb

NYDIS/Unmet Needs Roundtable Joins Homecoming for SI Family
New York Disaster Interfaith Services and several NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable (UNR) recovery partners celebrated the Auer Familys homecoming after nearly twenty months of being displaced after Superstorm Sandy. The American Red Cross, the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower Foundation and NYDIS/UNR partnered to make repairs, purchase appliances and provide rental assistance during the familys displacement. Story here 

NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable - Monthly Stats Report Online
In an effort to increase transparency, NYDIS posts the most recent monthly Unmet Needs Roundtable (UNR) Statistics reports on the NYDIS website. The report includes the number of households and individuals who have received assistance by borough, overall program-to-date assistance, the top unmet needs requested and other statistics. View or download here.

NYDIS is Seeking NYC Congregations to Host 2014 Rebuild Volunteers
Thousands of out-of-state volunteers are looking to contribute their time and skills to continued Hurricane Sandy mold-suppression and rebuild efforts; these volunteer groups require a place to eat and sleep. NYDIS is managing the NYC Volunteer Group Housing program to coordinate and support volunteer housing available from congregations. We provide forms and training materials, coordinate reservations, and provide any other operations support needed. To get more information or to register your congregation as a "dorm," or request volunteer housing for incoming groups, email volunteerhousing@nydis.org.
NYDIS Featured in NYT Story: After the Storm, 20 Months in Limbo
New York Times Reporter Liz Robbins spent a month visiting with NYDIS, the NYC Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable and several other recovery organizations doing research for this article on best practices and the recovery struggles of survivor households. NYDIS Member Resurrection Brooklyn is also featured herein. Read article here

DN: NYPD Commissioner Vows to Protect Rights of Muslims
June 18: New York Police Department (NYPD) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton pledged to protect the rights of Muslims and ensure lawful, constitutional, effective and respectful policing at the Pre-Ramadan conference. Former Commissioner Ray Kelly received a lot of criticism for the surveillance program that spied on mosques.   Daily News Tina Moore reported from the annual conference and some of the responses from local imams. Read more 

FIN: Mayor de Blasio to Meet with Faith & Community Forum in New York in July
June 12: Mayor de Blasio has committed to attending the upcoming Faith & Community Forum being hosted in July by Faith In New York in an effort to demonstrate his commitment to ending economic and racial inequalities across New York City, including job creation and affordable housing in the Sandy rebuilding process. Read the full announcement here
The Salvation Army Bed Program: Ends 6/30/14 
The Salvation Army Bed Program will be ending on June 30, with the last order being placed on June 26th.  Through this program, over two thousand households have been provided more than four thousand beds - a total of $1.46M in assistance to date.

American Red Cross MIAP Program: Ends 7/1/14
The ARC Move-In Assistance Program will end on July 1, 2014.  The program was established in December 2012 and has served as a bridge for thousands of families whose homes were destroyed and needed financial assistance to relocate from hotels to sustainable housing, move out of state or complete repairs on their Sandy-damaged homes. As of June 2, 2014 the program has provided more than $26 million to over 4,300 households. Because we expect that the programs funding will soon be depleted, a wind-down process is being implemented.  The deadline for submitting completed applications is July 1, 2014.  The ARC will continue to accept and process applications in the order they are received. Completed applications received by July 1 will be reviewed and processed as program funding allows.
NYCEDC: Gowanus Canal & Newtown Creek Surge Barrier RFP: Deadline 7/15/14
New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC is seeking a consultant or consultant team to conduct the Gowanus Canal Study and the Newtown Creek Study.  These studies are intended to (a) provide prioritized concept options for storm surge barriers that would prevent and mitigate upland flooding at and around the Gowanus Canal Area and the Newtown Creek Area; and (b) inform federal agencies involved in the funding and implementation of flood control projects. For more information, click here

FEMA Proof of Loss: Deadline 10/28/14
Homeowners have until October 28, 2014 to file a Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP) proof-of-loss claim for Superstorm Sandy. A Proof of Loss is a federal form used by the policyholder to support the amount they are claiming under their policy, which must then be signed and sworn to, and submitted with supporting documentation to the flood insurance company.

Temporary Disaster Assistance Program (TDAP) Extended
New York City has extended TDAP eligibility for renters who have already applied to TDAP, were displaced by Sandy and forced to relocate and signed a year or longer lease and currently pay 40% or more of their income toward rent.  This is open to Build It Back registrants who were previously denied assistance from TDAP because they were no longer considered displaced.  The City has begun reaching out to previous applicants (about 900 tenants) who were originally deemed ineligible. This is NOT open to those who did not apply to TDAP - there are still no plans to reopen registration. TDAP or Build It Back applicants with questions regarding their eligibility for expanded TDAP can call Build It Back Customer Service at 212-615-8329 or visit the NYC Recovery website. This is for NYC only.

Affordable Housing from Fifth Avenue Committee
Fifth Avenue Committee manages affordable rental housing in Park Slope, Gowanus and Sunset Park. They are giving preference to eligible, low and moderate income Sandy impacted families for vacant units. Attached is an intake form and a list of the required documentation.  For more information, email Renee Crowley or call 718-237-2017 ext 124. This program is only for these three areas in Brooklyn.
Foreclosure Prevention and Mortgage Assistance Programs
Center for New York City Neighborhoods is offering foreclosure prevention services, help with proof of loss, and free legal help.  They are also offering a Mortgage Assistance Program of $25,000 at 0% interest for qualified clients.  For more information, call 646-786-0888 or visit their website. This is for NYC only.  

NYC Human Resource Administration One Shot Deal
New York City residents may apply for a one-time emergency grant, also called a "One Shot", when an unforeseen circumstance prevents the applicant from meeting an expense. An applicant must meet eligibility guidelines and is subject to investigative review of the application. Emergency grant applicants may obtain rental assistance in cases of impending evictions, assistance with home energy and utility bills, disaster assistance including moving expenses, and the purchase of personal items for health and safety. The most common One Shots are for rent, utilities and moving/ furniture. For more information, contact 311 or HRAs info line at 718-557-1399. This is for NYC only. 
World Trade Center Health Program
The World Trade Center Health Program provides free monitoring and treatment of medical and mental health illnesses related to the September 11th terrorist attacks. The program supports responders, survivors, residents, and students, who worked, volunteered, lived, or attended school at or near the World Trade Center. In addition to traditional first responders, this includes disciplines such as case managers, crisis counselors, faith-based volunteers, and other community based responders who were exposed to the disaster recovery sites in NYC, at the Pentagon in Virginia, or on the field in Shanksville, PA at the time of 9/11. If you or someone you know may be eligible, please visit our website, email , or call 1.888.982.4748.

NY State, Sandy Disaster Case Management Referral Line: 855-258-0483

Resource Guides and Websites

NYC LTRG Recovery Guide (New)
NYC VOAD member World Cares Center has created a resource guide of NYC Longterm Recovery Groups contacts. Contacts provided include the Executive Committee, Board Members and member agencies. Access the guide here.

New York Recovery Bulletin (New)
The New York Recovery Bulletin is an electronic dispatch for recovery workers produced weekly by the Hurricane Sandy federal disaster recovery coordination team. Throughout New York, local, state and federal agencies, as well as non-governmental organizations and dedicated individuals, are working together to support recovery. The bulletin includes information, resources, news and events to serve the recovery effort. For information on how to join, visit the NYRN website.

Ready Responders Network (New)
The Ready Responders Network (RRN) is a free, collaborative, information-sharing portal hosted by World Cares Center, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering local communities to take proactive and effective action during times of disaster.  The purpose of RRN is twofold: 1) to empower Individuals, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs), and International Organizations (IOs), to be self-sufficient in leading their communities preparedness, response and recovery initiatives; and 2) to bridge the communication and information-sharing divide between those tasked with managing a response and those that may be able to assist. For more information visit the RRN website

NYC Build It Back Applicant Guidebook for 1-4 Unit Homes & Online Portal
Refer to the Build It Back guidebook for information on priority and eligibility determination, income verification, coordination of benefits and other program guidelines. Additionally, applicants can log onto the Build It Back Portal to track the status of their application, track appointments and other features. Access the guidebook here. Use the online portal here.
TF: Build It Back Case Workers to Be Stationed in Ulrichs, Richards Offices
June 19: Councilmen Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) and Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton) recently announced that Build It Back Caseworkers are being stationed weekly at their offices to assist residents with the Build It Back process. The announcement comes after the offices of Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D-Rockaway Park) and state Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr. (D-Howard Beach) announced Build It Back staff would work from their offices. The Forums Anna Gustafson spoke to the elected officials about the announcements. Read more 

WSJ: Many Displaced by Superstorm Sandy Still Wait for Housing Help
June 17: Nearly two years since Superstorm Sandy, 1000s of homeowners eligible for federal aid are still living in damaged homes or are still displaced. According to NYC city officials, less than 400 homeowners have received assistance or have had construction to begin. New York State has been able to distribute aid at a quicker pace than NYC. One explanation for the slow delivery of aid are federal laws enacted to prevent fraud and misspent funds as during Hurricane Katrina recovery. Wall Street Journals Laura Kusisto spoke to NYC homeowners about their recovery situation and reported on other factors affecting aid distribution. Continue here

WH: Fact Sheet: National Disaster Resilience Competition
June 14: President Obama will be announcing the National Disaster Resilience Competition, a nearly $1 billion competition to invite communities that have experienced natural disasters to compete for funds to help them rebuild and increase their resilience to future disasters.   
The competition will support innovative resilience projects at the local level while encouraging communities to adopt policy changes and activities that plan for the impacts of extreme weather and climate change and rebuild affected areas to be better prepared for the future. Read the full press release here

NYDN: $421,000 Raised for Victims of East Harlem Building Explosion
June 12: The Mayors Fund of NYC has raised $421,000 to help families impacted by the East Harlem Building Explosion. The explosion killed 8 people, injured 48 and displaced several families. New Yorks Daily News Corinne Lestch reports how the funds will be used. Read more

NYT: Emergency Housing Unit Is Unveiled in Brooklyn
June 10: New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) recently unveiled a prototype for emergency housing as a possible solution for temporary housing following catastrophic disasters. The three story units contain three apartments stacked on top of another. The apartments range from a 480 square foot one-bedroom to an 813 square foot three-bedroom. New York Times Benjamin Mueller reported from the press conference attended by New York City OEM Commissioner. Read more

TWC: Cost of Natural Disasters Has Quadrupled in Recent Decades, Official Says
June 6: The European Commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis response recently encouraged 200 world leaders to spend more on disaster preparedness, as the cost of natural disasters has increased from $50 billion a year in the 1980s to $200 billion in the last decade. Studies show that every dollar spent on prevention or mitigation saves $4 in damages. The Associated Press spoke to world leaders at the disaster risk reduction and management conference about the increasing effects of climate change. Read more

SIL: After Sandy & $250M in Buyouts, Little Will Remain in Oakwood Beach
June 5: Through the New York Rising Program, 40 homes have been demolished and another 114 homes and 205 parcels of land will be purchased in Oakwood Beach, Staten Island. The program pays property owners who participate in the buy-out, the pre-storm value of their home plus a 10 percent incentive to leave their homes and a five percent incentive to relocate within the five boroughs. Staten Island Lives Timothy Harrison spoke to Ocean Beach resident Pedro Correa about his feelings about leaving Oakwood Beach. Read more

HSNW: Growing Jihadist Threat Demands New U.S. Strategy to Combat Terrorism
June 5: According to a recent RAND Study, there has been a 58 percent increase in the number of jihadist groups, a doubling of jihadist fighters, and a tripling of attacks by al Qaeda affiliates over the past two years. The author of the study thinks the U.S. has to continue engaging North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia and countering the proliferation of these groups. In this article, the journalist highlights some of the reasons for the increase of the Salafi-jihadist movement. Read more

Rand Study: A Persistent Threat: The Evolution of al Qa'ida and Other Salafi Jihadists

DN: Retired Firefighter Dies from Cancer Connected to Ground Zero Work
June 3: Retired firefighter Lt. Steven Reisman died from brain cancer connected to his work at Ground Zero. The firefighter was diagnosed with an aggressive from of brain cancer in 2011 and underwent five brain surgeries. Daily News Tina Moore spoke to the firefighters wife about Lt. Reismans dedication to the fire department. Continue here
CBSNY: Mold from Abandoned Sandy-Damaged Home Is Making Us Sick
June 12: Residents on the Rockaway Peninsula say homes abandoned after Superstorm Sandy are posing a health hazard in their neighborhoods. A Neponsit resident battling cancer has been ordered to vacate her home by her doctor due to mold spores infiltrating her home. New York Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, D-Queens, is cosponsoring legislation to penalize banks who neglect properties. CBS2s Hazel Sanchez speaks to residents and the assemblyman about the health hazards posed by abandoned homes. Continue here

Related Stories:
CBSNY: 60 Homes Abandoned On Rockaway Peninsula Ever Since Sandy

CRAINS: Insurer to Pay Post-Sandy Penalty over Inspections
May 30: Narragansett Bay Insurance Co. has agreed to pay $327,400 for mishandling damage claims from thousands of Sandy-impacted homeowners after investigations by insurance regulators. The Associated Press reports on details on the investigation here.

GAO Report: Agencies Could Improve Collaboration Begun with Sandy
Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of the Mid-Atlantic coast causing severe damage to transit facilities and infrastructure and disrupting mobility in the New York metropolitan region. In January 2013, the President signed the DRAA, which provided approximately $50.5 billion in federal aid for expenses related to Hurricane Sandy. GAO was asked to examine DRAA emergency relief assistance for transportation.  Access the report here.
Lightning Safety Awareness Week: June 22-28, 2014
Summer is the peak season for one of the nation's deadliest weather phenomena--lightning. Though lightning strikes peak in summer, people are struck year round. In the United States, an avera ge of 51 people are killed each year by lightning, and hundreds more are severely injured. For safety and preparedness tips, check out the links below:

Safety: Learn What You Need to Do to Stay Safe
Victims: Learn What Happens to People Who are Struck by Lightning
Myths & Facts: Get Answers to Many of the Questions Youve Wondered About
Resources: Download Posters, Toolkits, Pamphlets and other Resources

Know Your Zone - NYC Hurricane Evacuation Awareness Campaign
New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has launched a new "Know Your Zone" hurricane awareness campaign to encourage New Yorkers to find out whether they live in one of the city's six hurricane evacuation zones. For hurricane safety preparedness tips and information, or to request a Ready New York hurricane presentation, visit the Know Your Zone website or call 311. 

WANY Toolkits Now Available
NYC Citizen Corps recently collaborated with the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs and the City University of New York to produce " The Storm!", a 25-minute episode on emergency preparedness for the WANY series geared toward English-language learners. Toolkits for this episode can be used by ESL instructors, conversation group leaders, and community groups interested in helping New Yorkers improve their English while learning how to plan, prepare, and get informed during emergencies.  If you would like to order toolkits, click here.  If you are interested in learning more about this project, you can click here or email NYC Citizen Corps.

SAMHSA Hurricane Preparedness Resources  
The SAMHSA Disaster Technical Assistance Center (DTAC) has compiled the following list of resources focused on the behavioral health aspects of hurricane and tropical storm preparation and recovery:

Hurricane Preparedness and Resource Guide: For Individuals and Families
This guide provides hurricane preparedness information based on lessons learned from previous hurricanes, including the importance of building a disaster kit for homes and businesses, understanding the emotional impact a storm can have on children and families, and identifying signs that stress management assistance is needed.

In Sandy's Wake: Managing Mental Illness after Disasters & Finding Support
Individuals with serious mental illness have a higher risk of developing a stress reaction after a disaster or traumatic event. This article highlights specific disaster preparedness tips for individuals and families living with serious mental illness.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms
This page on the SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline website lists warning signs of pre- and post-disaster emotional distress for survivors, first responders, and disaster behavioral health professionals.

Tapping Your Resilience After Hurricane Katrina: Pointers for Practitioners
This APA resource lists self-care and resilience-building tips for disaster behavioral health professionals and volunteers. Written just after Hurricane Katrina, the strategies provided are useful for practitioners in the wake of any large-scale hurricane or disaster.

SAMHSA Summer Heat and Drought Resources
In addition to the potential for hurricanes, the summer months often bring periods of extreme heat and drought to many regions throughout the United States. SAMHSA DTAC has compiled the following list of relevant disaster behavioral health and preparedness resources:

Immediate Disaster Response—Drought
This installment provides general resources for coping with the behavioral health and economic impact of drought and extreme heat. The installment also includes information that is specific to response activities in rural communities.

Heat Wave Preparedness Checklists for Mental Health Service Providers
Providers can use these checklists to assess and record heat-related vulnerabilities for consumers and suggest ways for individuals to prepare for, respond to, and prevent negative reactions to extreme heat.

The Human Element: Weathering Tough Times in Drought
The authors of this article address the challenges associated with stress during times of drought and extreme heat, and provide tips for reducing stress and recognizing when additional support may be necessary.

Heat Stress in the Elderly
This CDC article explains how older adults can be more prone to heat stress. It provides tips for preparing older relatives and neighbors for periods of extreme heat and recognizing and responding to signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Stress Management After a Disaster: Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Families During Difficult Times
This tip sheet provides strategies that can help families recognize and cope with stress during difficult times, such as drought or extreme heat.

American Red Cross Hurricane App
Be ready for severe weather with "Hurricane" by American Red Cross, a hurricane tracker app available for iPhone and Android. Monitor conditions in your area or throughout the storm track, prepare your family and home, find help and let others know you are safe even if the power is out - a must have for anyone who lives in an area where a hurricane may strike or has loved ones who do. To download: text "GETCANE" to 90999 or search "Red Cross Hurricane" in the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Ready Responders Network
The Ready Responders Network (RRN) is a free, collaborative, information-sharing portal hosted by World Cares Center, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering local communities to take proactive and effective action during times of disaster.  The purpose of RRN is twofold: 1) to empower Individuals, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs), and International Organizations (IOs), to be self-sufficient in leading their communities preparedness, response and recovery initiatives; and 2) to bridge the communication and information-sharing divide between those tasked with managing a response and those that may be able to assist. For more information or to join, visit the RRN website.

Free Training: Heat Waves & Vulnerable Populations
June 30, 2014; 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Assn. for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD)
50 Broad Street, Ste. 1125
New York, NY 10004

Heat waves kill more people in the United States than all other natural disasters combined; the 2006 heat wave claimed the lives of 140 New Yorkers. What can community organizations do to prepare residents? The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will present on heat wave risk, city heat wave response procedures, and ways for community organizations to collaborate with DOHMH.

NYC Build It Back Boot Camp for DCMs
June 30, 2014; 9:00am - 12:00pm (8:30am registration)
American Red Cross
520 West 49th Street (bet 10th & 11th Avenue)
New York, NY 10019

The purpose of the NYC Build it Back Boot Camp is to provide Disaster Case Managers and Supervisors with information to assist them in helping their clients navigate the Build it Back program.  NYC Build it Back staff will conduct the training and provide information on the program and the process and offer troubleshooting assistance. 

EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting Free Trainings
July 12 (En); 8:30am-5:00pm
August 16 (Sp); 8:30am-5:00pm
September 13 (En); 8:30am-5:00pm
July 13 (En); 8:30am-5:00pm
August 17 (En); 8:30am-5:00pm
September 14 (En); 8:30am-5:00pm
October 11 (En); 8:30am-5:00pm
December 6 (Sp); 8:30am-5:00pm
October 12 (En); 8:30am-5:00pm
December 7 (En); 8:30am-5:00pm

Healthy Homes Program
125 Worth St,
3rd FL Boardroom,
New York, NY 10013
For information or to register call 646-632-6094 or 646-632-6023, or email

The RRP training classes are sponsored by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygienes Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (LPPP) for free. The RRP training classes provide information on how to work safely in areas with lead paint and are taught by a knowledgeable, certified trainer. In addition to the RRP curriculum, the requirements for lead-safe work practices under NYCs Local Law 1 are taught. If you successfully complete this class, you will be eligible to become an EPA Certified Renovator! People interested in taking this course must be able to read, write, and speak in the language of the training class.

NYLAG Free Legal Consultation
July 14 & August 11th, 10:00am - 3:00pm
Thriftway Pharmacy
2102 Mott Avenue
Far Rockaway, NY 11691

July 16th, 2014, 4:00pm - 7:15pm
Battalion Pentecostal Assembly Church
454 Beach 67th Street
Arverne, New York 11692

Free legal counseling is available in the areas: FEMA Benefits, Housing, Homeowners & Flood Insurance, Build it Back and New York Rising, & Immigration Services. RSVP here or call NYLAG's Storm Response Hotline at (212) 584-3365.

2014 Resilience Speaker Series:
Resident Engagement for Seniors During Disasters
July 18 2014, 9:30am - 11:30am
Enterprise Community Partners
1 Whitehall Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Register to Attend

Sign Up to Participate by WebEx
This installment of Enterprises Resiliency Speaker Series will feature a discussion on how affordable multifamily housing providers that serve seniors can strengthen resident engagement and preparedness for their most vulnerable residents.
Save the Date: Individual and Community Preparedness Workshop
August 12 - 13, 2014; 8:30am - 5:00pm
Ted Weiss Federal Building
290 Broadway - 30th Floor
New York, NY 10007

The Individual and Community Preparedness Workshop will present best practices and innovative techniques for preparing the whole community, including presentations on the Public and Private Sectors, Access and Functional Needs, Faith-Based Organizations, Voluntary Organizations, and Youth programs. This whole community approach ensures that through collaboration, individuals and communities will be better prepared and more resilient.  If you have questions, please contact: Claire Thomas, Community Preparedness Officer, FEMA Region II at (212) 680-8641 or via email.
Build It Back

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