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RFP: Volunteer Group Housing Capital Grants

New York Disaster Interfaith Services is pleased to announce it is accepting proposals for its Volunteer Group Housing Capital Grants program. Grants will fund reconstruction or equipment purchases, up to $10,000, for nonprofit organizations who currently house (or will house) SuperStorm Sandy rebuild volunteers in 2014.
Application Deadline - February 10, 2014.
Eligible Organizations - Applicants must be a nonprofit organization able to host SuperStorm Sandy rebuild volunteers for at least one year after funding. Grants will be awarded to organizations with facilities in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Priority funding will be given to applicants located within communities with active SuperStorm Sandy rebuild nonprofits, and then to facilities located within close proximity to these communities by mass transit. Preference will be given to houses of worship with maximum volunteer capacity for minimum grant input. Organizations currently housing volunteers are eligible for grant funding. Priority will be given to congregations and organizations that can provide matching funds.

Funding Opportunities - Grants will be awarded for purchases or services which result in habitable facilities. Awards may be used for facility rebuild, facility improvement, appliances, furnishings, contractor services, and other purchases that will make a facility welcoming to volunteers. Hygiene, shelter, and improvement of feeding capability are needs most likely to be funded.

Requirements - Grant awards must directly result in a functional volunteer group housing program. Funds must be spent and work completed by May 1, 2014. Grantee volunteer housing program must be operational by May 1, 2014. NYDIS staff will work with grantees unfamiliar with housing volunteers to create effective, sustainable programing. All building materials must be purchased through the NYDIS Home Depot portal (discounted, tax-free, free delivery, free storage). All rebuild or construction, when possible, must be performed by a nonprofit rebuild organization. At least one construction or rebuild estimate must come from Home Depot, which is also accessible through NYDIS. Plumbing, electrical work, and installation must be performed by a licensed contractor.

Funding Restrictions - Grant funding can only be used for capital purchases. Funding will not be provided for salaries, stipends, benefits, or an organization's general fund. Grants will not be issued to reimburse organizations for expenses already incurred. Award may not be used in relation to any permanent or temporary worship space. Funds cannot be used for office equipment or vehicles.

Questions - Please email volunteerhousing@nydis.org with questions about this opportunity.

How To Apply For Funding
To Apply - There is no application form for Volunteer Group Housing Capital Grants. To be considered for a grant, please send NYDIS a typed proposal (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font) detailing the following information:

1. Facility name, location, point of contact, nonprofit tax I.D. number, previous year’s tax return, and the names and addresses of all corporate officers.

2. An estimate of how many volunteers the facility can accommodate per night.

3. Does your organization have preexisting relationships with a recognized rebuild nonprofit in its neighborhood who would accept volunteers from your organization?

4. If you are requesting facility rebuild or construction funding, please include a complete price list of necessary materials, permits, and labor needs, as well as a timeline estimate. Prior to funding being awarded, an estimate from a licensed and insured contractor must be secured.

5. If you are requesting furnishings, appliance, or capital purchase funding, please include a complete price list of items, labor needs, as well a narrative of how these purchases will improve the facility’s ability to host rebuild volunteers.

6. If you are unable to secure this grant, how will it impact whether or not your organization can provide services?

7. Capital Grant proposals will be reviewed and awarded by the NYDIS Executive Staff.

Send completed applications to volunteerhousing@nydis.org by February 10th, 2014.
All applicant facilities will receive a walkthrough to ensure legal habitability.
The Volunteer Group Housing Capital Grants are funded
through a grant from the United Way of New York City.
To Find Housing for Your Volunteers, Or a Volunteer Group

To Sign-up Your House of Worship or Non-Profit Facility as a Host Site

212.669.6100 or volunteerhousing@nydis.org

For more information visit the VGHP at www.nydis.org/volunteerhousing

*NYDIS a 501(c)(3) faith-based federation of service providers and charitable organizations who work in partnership to provide disaster readiness, response, and recovery services to New York City. NYDIS and its members seek to mitigate human suffering caused by catastrophes and serve the most vulnerable and under-resourced households and communities affected by disaster.


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